How To Find Russian Real Foreign Brides?

How To Find Russian Real Foreign Brides? Post Thumbnail

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Nowadays, finding a wife among friends, acquaintances and colleagues is not so simple. We live in a crazy rhythm, we move more often and do not have enough free time to spend it on dates and searches for women. Another advantage of the modern world is that we have the Internet. And the Internet offers the best mail order brides sites. How can we refuse?

How mail order brides sites work

There are many different websites. You cannot go to the first one and look for a wife there. Most of them are made to find a partner for one night. If you are fed up with such dates and are going to have a serious relationship with your future wife, you should choose mail order sites. Such platforms are more hidden from a wide audience, so there is no competition and a large selection of mail order brides online from different countries who want to meet.

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Such sites work like all dating websites. You register on one of popular russia dating sites, fill out your wishes and information about yourself and begin to get acquainted with the girls. You are just chatting with each other until you recognize each other enough to talk on Skype or meet in real life. An amazing adventure is to meet a girl you have to go to another country.

Tips to find the best mail order bride site

Not everyone knows about these sites. But if you read this, you are very lucky. We are specialists in dating websites and test the best of them. We want to tell you how to choose the most effective and useful sites to quickly find your love. So here is what you should remember:

  1. Recommendations. Read the recommendations of experts, as well as real users. If you do not find information about the site anywhere, pass by and look for another.
  2. The quality of the site
  3. The audience

Here are the basic rules. There are many sites, so you can choose what suits you. However, no matter how you choose the platform in advance, you should always test it yourself: register, create a profile, chat with girls. If you do not want to spend your time on it, just follow our recommendations regarding the choice of sites.

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Which countries have the most mail order brides?

By tradition, the girls on these sites are residents of countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, China, Latin America, etc. They have a decent mentality, therefore they are excellent wives. In addition, these nations are known for having the most beautiful girls, so men from Europe, the USA, Canada, etc. often looking for a girl from one of these countries.

Russian mail order brides, Chinese or Latin women have a priority in marriage and family. They are ready to get married after 20 years, which differs from American and European women. They respect their husband and are wonderful mothers for their children. In addition, their mothers teach them to take care of the family from childhood: to cook, clean, raise children. Most of these girls have higher education, work, and interesting hobbies. You won’t have to be bored.

Why is online dating better than real?

Once upon a time, online dating was something weird when you told your friends about it. But now they have become so commonplace that your neighbor will only be jealous when he sees your foreign hot wife through the fence. Online dating has become a luxury because a huge number of people have found their love here and are already raising the next generation of people.

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It is very convenient. You save your time and money, which you could spend on 5 dates with a girl with whom you would not succeed. Here you chat with girls just as much as you are interested. If you notice negative traits in it, you just need to choose another.

In addition, people on the Internet are much easier and more confident to talk about themselves, so you can still find out about her before meeting her. When you see each other, you will be so confident in yourself that you don’t have to embarrassingly figure out how to please her. You have already arrived because she is delighted with you!

Online Dating Facts

  • More than 80% of couples who have met on the Internet have a happy marriage, which is 50% more than with regular acquaintances.
  • The couples in which the girl first took the initiative are stronger.
  • Online dating enhances the self-esteem of both men and women.
  • Full-length real photos without filters and photoshop are more attractive.
  • You should chat on Skype no later than a month after the start of chatting.

Pros and cons of Russian mail order brides

Russian girls are different from all the other girls in the world. Let me explain. Firstly, if you walked along the main street of Moscow, you would get impressions for the rest of your life. Why? Just google “russian girls” in Images and you will see a real picture of what kind of women you will meet on the streets of Russia.

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They have a unique gene of natural beauty. Smooth skin, shiny hair, a beautiful body – this is not a description of Victoria’s Secret models, but an average Russian woman. But obviously, this is not enough to marry her. But do not rush to close the page! They know how not only to be beautiful.

Russian girls have at least one, and often 2-3 higher education. They are brought up so that the family comes first, but education for the ability to earn good money is a must. Therefore, the girl is absorbed in her studies and career until she meets her love. After that, she is completely immersed in family responsibilities: maintaining home comfort and raising children.

We also want to dispel myths about Russian mail order wife. Stereotypes are too attached to them, but in reality, they are progressive and smart foreign girls. They read a lot, are familiar with good literature, music and cinema. The Russian mentality lies in the deep inner world.

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But it is impossible to describe anything without mentioning the cons. Of course, each of them is individual and has its own characteristic features. But as for the situation as a whole, you may encounter the main problem – the colossal difference in mentality.

The Western mentality is simple and unobtrusive. The Russians are all serious. They do not like small talk and prefer to talk only about essential things. If you think she’s upset, she may just be focused. The Russians do not have a smile to smile so often and, as a rule, rarely get to know someone on the street. They are more closed to strangers, although they are one of the most hospitable nations in the world.

Therefore, if you do not need a simple girl and you want to find a wife online, this charming and hot mystery girl, you will definitely find a common language with one of the Russians.

Dating Rules

  • Watch out for scammers on dating websites.
  • Try to talk via video as quickly as possible if you like a girl.
  • When a girl writes first, that’s fine.
  • Add your real photos and description so that she immediately understands who you are.
  • Be friendly, but not intrusive.


Russian girls as works of Russian writers – if you have a deep inner world, you will be delighted. If a Russian girl becomes your wife, your life will never be the same. Choose the best dating websites right now to chat with them and feel how amazing they are. See you soon in Russia!